Accelerate your team's pull requests.

Stop PRs from idling, increase velocity and eliminate PR notification noise.


Your team's pull request assistant

We end the endless stream of Github emails and bring context to your pull request notifications.

Send personalized Slack DMs via out Slack App when a PR is actually ready for a review.



DMs, not channels

Slack notifications your team won't want to mute.

Contributors get notified individually when PRs you're assigned to are ready to review.


Estimates of review time and complexity get review picked up faster and shipping more.

Reviewers schedule better, and authors start optimizing on faster pull requests.

Configurable Rules

Don't send notification unless actions pass, tickets are attached, or if a PR is merge ready.

It's up to you.

Human First

We think building product should be fun.

We're starting with code review notifications and going from there with you.